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Dentistry studies Bratislava - in Slovakia




Public university – Komenský University in Bratislava

We are official representatives of Komenského University in Poland.

major: Dental medicine / Dentistry studies

Fees for dentistry studies

The cost of medical studies in Bratislava in the academic year 2024/2025 – 12500 € (fee for the whole year).

Agency fees charges fees of $250 (US dollars) for brokering assistance.


The diploma we receive after graduating from Košice is 100% recognised not only in Slovakia, but also in other EU countries.


Exam - informations

The entrance exam consists of 200 test questions (100 in biology and 100 in chemistry). The questions correspond to the level of knowledge of the baccalaureate exam. Only questions from the question pool that you can purchase from us appear on the exam. Thus, candidates are able to prepare for the exam and write it without any problems at a level of 90%-100%. There are 1,500 questions in the question pool (750 in biology and 750 in chemistry).

The time to solve the test is 3 hours (multiple choice).

The point limit you need to reach to be admitted is 440/800 points.

However, it is important to remember that the limit can be lowered. Admission requirements (for candidates): passing the matriculation exam in compulsory subjects.

If you are a non-EU student, please write to us and tell us where you are from. We will send you additional information.

Purchase of a book of exam questions

In order to purchase the questions for the entrance exam, a payment of 25$ (US dollar) is required – to the account below.

Alior Bank
account no: 77 2490 0005 0000 4101 0011 9775
Aleja 1000 lecia 65
34-400 Nowy Targ
Filip Rzepecki
Transfer title: „Email address – Questions for Bratislava”.

The transfer title MUST include the correct email address to which the biology and chemistry question sets will be sent.

Please do not add any other content in the title of the transfer other than that indicated above. If you provide an incorrect email address.

The set of questions will be sent to the email address indicated up to 2 days after the payment is credited.

Rules for taking the exam

You can take the exam only once a year (for a particular major). Therefore, if you want to write the entrance exam twice, then you need to apply once for medicine and the second time for dentistry, and choose two different exam dates. This also applies to the documents that I have to receive in two versions.

Payment for the entrance examination

The fee for taking the medical school entrance exam is €80.

Alior Bank
IBAN account number (account in EURO): EN 90 2490 0005 0000 4001 0019 0788
Aleja 1000 lecia 65
34-400 Nowy Targ
Filip Rzepecki
Transfer title: „First Name Surname” of the person passing the entrance exam.

Please do not add any other content in the title of the transfer other than that indicated above.

Exam dates

In 2024, the entrance exams will be held on three dates:
1. 20.03.2024 – medical (enrollment by 12.02.2024),
2. 26.06.2024 – medical (enrollment by 13.05.2024),
3. 14.08.2024 – medical (enrollment by 22.07.2024).


We assist prospective Students throughout the entire recruitment process – comprehensively! Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us. Do you want to talk to your parents together? No problem! We know that the decision to study abroad carries weight! Write or give us a call!


Documents before the exam

Prior to the entrance exam:

1) signed AIS application – the completion of this application is done electronically at the end this application must be printed and signed. The procedure is not very pleasant – or easy – to go through. If you will have a problem with the AIS (or do not want to do it yourself) call or write to us. We will help you! NOTE: In the application on page 9, add a scan of your ID or passport and a medical certificate (template below),

2) photocopy of passport,

3) medical certificate required by the university in Bratislava – template to download HERE,

4) 3 passport size photos,

5) A piece of paper with your name, email address, exam date and telephone number,

Send the above documents in hard copy to the address above.


Documents after the examination has been passed

Upon successful completion of the exam:

1. birth certificate // (original or notarized copy made in Slovakia + sworn translation into Slovak made in Slovakia)

2. high school graduation certificate and high school diploma // (original or notarized copies made in Slovakia + sworn translation into Slovak made in Slovakia)

3. hepatitis B (hepatitis B) vaccination certificate. Due to the requirements of the University, the student must be vaccinated against hepatitis B // (original + sworn translation into Slovak made in Slovakia)

By when to deliver the documents?

The documents must be delivered;

1. the deadline for sending documents is 12.02.2024 (in case of passing the exam on 20.03.2024),
2. the deadline for sending documents to 13.05.2024 (in case of passing the exam on 26.06.2024),
3. the deadline for sending documents to 22.07.2024 (in the case of passing the exam on 14.08.2024).

Address for dispatch of documents

Documents to be sent to:

Aleja 1000 lecia 65
34-400 Nowy Targ
Filip Rzepecki

For candidates from India: the address of our intermediary will be forwarded to you once all your documents have been completed. The documents of all exam candidates are sent collectively to Poland by our intermediary.


We assist in the translation of documents. Please let us know if you would like this service. This service is an additional charge and ranges from $120-250 US dollars.

Please let us know if you require this service.

Expert Consultant
medical studies filip rzepecki 1
Filip Rzepecki
founder / ceo
Dentist, entrepreneur, trainer and alpine skiing competitor who acts as a consultant to the Polish Ski Association. He became an intermediary in recruitment in 2012 while studying dentistry in Bratislava.
medical studies max szal 1
Maximilian Szal
co-founder / cmo
Marketing manager, lawyer, entrepreneur. Co-founder of a recruitment agency helping candidates from all over the world to get into their dream university. Marketing support for companies in the FMCG sector.
medical studies deekshit khandavalli 1
Deekshit Khandavalli
consulting manager
A versatile IT professional with a global consulting career spanning over three decades in multinational corporations. He offers professional services to advise and guide young aspirants on their path to medical education abroad.
21 (Demo)
12 years of experience
our students
completed applications
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What they Say...
doctor / medical graduate (Bratislava)

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the services of this agency! Thanks to their professionalism and commitment, the process of recruitment to study abroad went smoothly and without stress. I received comprehensive assistance at every stage – from choosing a university to arranging visa paperwork. They are really a great team of experts who care about their clients and help to fulfill the dream of education at the highest level. I highly recommend them!

medical school candidate

I feel very satisfied and fully confident that working with you will be an excellent choice.

medical student (Kosice) is a website that is absolutely brilliant! Their team is extremely helpful, providing first and foremost support at every stage of the application process. You can rely on them in no matter what situation, which gives you a sense of security and confidence that everything will go according to plan. Thanks to their reliability and professionalism, applying to college becomes easier and, most importantly, less stressful. I definitely recommend this site to anyone who dreams of studying abroad and going off the charts.

candidate for medical studies (Kosice) – All information quickly, reliably, concretely. Feedback contact immediately. Nice and knowledgeable staff provided assistance in organizing all necessary documents.

I recommend to all Medical Candidates!!!

medical student from India (UPJS Kosice)

Dear Dr. Filip Rzepecki and Team,

This is to place on record with thanks and gratitude for all the support that I have received ever since I got in touch with you, looking for suitable option for my pursuit of study of Medicine in Europe. You have been very patient, kind, unbiased with most informative guidance after knowing and understanding thoroughly my background, aspirations and limitations in all respects. You have been helping for the 4th year now and look forward to continuity of the wonderful journey. It would be an honour to refer and recommend your kind advisory services to other needy students aspiring to study Medicine in Europe.
Warm greetings with best regards!
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